Competition Award Winners

Best Music Video: Oliver Brighton “Or So I Thought”
Best Original Score (Secondary): Lotus-Rose Kypriotis “The Space between the Wall and the Door” (dir Pauline Chan)
Best Original Score (Tertiary): Chrysoulla Markouli “Tamah” (dir Ehan Yuruk)
Best Original Score (non-student): Rory Cheneweth “Ataraxia”

Call for Entries

Submissions are now open for the first Glories of the Score Student Screen Music Competition.

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The five award categories for the Competition are:

  • Best Original Score by a secondary student
  • Best Original Score by a tertiary student
  • Best Original Score by an ex-student or non-student
  • Best Live Performance to a Screen
  • Best Music Video

Submissions will be viewed by a judging panel compiled by the Australian Guild of Screen Composers and chaired by Guy Gross.

Finalists will be selected to screen at the Glories of the Score event, and one winner from each category will receive the Jury Prize at the Award Ceremony on Saturday 9 December.

Award winners will share in prizes including;

  • Professional music studio equipment from Roland, Sounds Easy, Innovative Music
  • A three-hour mixing session at Trackdown Studios
  • A five-week internship at Church Street Studios including full time use of Composing Suite 4. aka “The Retro Room” along with a $400 weekly per-diem from AFTRS. *

* Exact times and details to be mutually agreed.
Non-transferable. Courtesy of Guy Gross, Church Street Studios & AFTRS.  

How to Submit

There are two acceptable options to enter the competition.

Do you have an original film with an original score that you’d like to enter?

Complete and submit your online submission form.

  1. You will receive confirmation of your successful registration
  2. Films must be via Vimeo or YouTube link (password provided if applicable).

Would you like to create an original score for an existing film?
We have provided a film for you to score from work done by past AFTRS students.

About the film

Title: The Space Between the Door and the Floor
Run time: 2 min
Year: 1989
Directed by Pauline Chan, AFTRS Graduate Diploma student film

He sits alone in his office waiting for the girl of his dreams. Monroe loves many women but he is married to Ethel. Ethel loves Danny, but Danny loves other women including Lily. Lily is in love but not with Danny. In the space between the door and the floor there lies a sliver of light in a dark world of desire.

Download this film and create a new original score to the footage.

Complete your online submission form and enter this film with your original score.


You must supply the following:

  • Name and contact information
  • Education level (if applicable)
  • Name of school, university or college
  • Category of Entry
  • Film Title
  • Film run time
  • Link to Vimeo or YouTube file
  • Cue Sheet*
  • Credit list – roles in the production of music**

*A cue sheet is a record of all the songs and compositions used in a film and television production. Please complete a simple cue sheet. A guide to completing a cue sheet can be found at APRA AMCOS.

**You must describe your role (roles) in the music you are submitting. The production of music for film involves many different tasks. Some of these may be carried out by different people, specialists in various areas. Sometimes all the tasks are done by one person.

The conditions of entry to the require that you specify clearly who is responsible for the different aspects of the music production.

Uploading your entry to Vimeo or YouTube

1. Get a Vimeo or YouTube Account To send us your film, you’ll need to create a Vimeo or YouTube account. The good news is they’re free!

To create your free Vimeo Basic account, go to and you just need an email address. The free version allows you to upload up to 500MB of video each week and display them at up to 720×1280.

2. Upload to Vimeo Upload your film for the judges to view. Vimeo’s recommended compression settings are available on their upload page.

3. Add a Password and Make It Downloadable. Under the ‘Privacy’ tab, you may want to create a password for your video. Please remember it as you’ll need to provide it on the entry form form. Your video can then only be seen by the organisers, judges, and anyone you give the password to. Then, under “What can people do with this video?” in the video settings on Vimeo select “Download the video”.  This is so we can download your film for screening if it is selected.

Terms and Conditions
All applicants submitting a film and score to the Competition accept and agree to comply with the following Terms and Conditions

  • Entries MUST be submitted by online form by midnight Monday 4 December 2017.
  • Entry is free.
  • The competition is open to all students and former students.
  • Films must contain an original score by the applicant/s.
  • You must provide required information to support your submission and the selected competition category.
  • The music for the film must have been composed in the calendar year 2017.
  • Films submitted in categories for secondary, tertiary and Music Video MUST NOT be longer than 30 minutes in duration.
  • The person entering the secondary student category or the tertiary student category must have been enrolled in the relevant course in the calendar year 2017.
  • By submitting to the Competition, you agree that your film may be screened at the Glories of the Score event, if it is selected.
  • Contestants retain all rights to their work.
  • Original films are encouraged, however, if you do not have an original film and wish to submit an original score, please download the film provided below.
  • Only selected finalists will be notified.
  • Collaborations are acceptable and contestants are responsible for the distribution of contest prizes.

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